Going! Going! Gone?…

Hello sweet people!

It’s charity time!


KNÆK CANCER is a charity event held by TV2 Denmark and The Danish Cancer Society to raise money to help fight this terrible disease. Like so many other people, I too have lost close friends and family members to cancer and I really want to contribute.

I’ve decided to part with my unique Hansen Telecaster-guitar and donate it to this fantastic event. Therefore I’m teaming up with Radio100 on putting this guitar up for auction at Lauritz.com and all the money will be passed on to KNÆK CANCER.

About the guitar:

The guitar is 1 of only 3 guitars of it’s kind ever made and it has been with me on almost every tour since 2008.  The guitar is a Telecaster-type electric guitar in a ‘Heavy Relic Sunburst’ and everything on the guitar has been custom built to my detailed specifications by one of Scandinavia’s finest luthiers, Henning Hansen at Hansen Guitars for Woodstock Guitars (including the ‘heavy relic’-wear). The guitar is mounted with the LR BAGGS Piezo Bridge-pickup system. This system makes it possible to go from a classic electric guitar sound to a VERY authentic acoustic guitar sound with a flick of a switch. Literally!

Check out the following YouTube videos to see the guitar in action! On Whispering At The Top Of My Lungs and Silverflame I’m using the LR BAGGS Piezo-feature (acoustic sound in the verses and electric sound in the choruses and guitar solos)

If this is a guitar for you, don’t be shy to help a good cause and make a (high) bid 🙂

To bid click HERE!

Happy bidding!


Live at Vega, Copenhagen 2009

Live at Vega, Copenhagen 2009

Live at Dutch Radio Show Giel on 3FM 2012

And finally…. one last goodbye to the guitar, recorded at home on October 17th 2013 🙂


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