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A couple of years ago I started posting the so called ‘Low Key/Late Night-sessions’ on my Facebook fanpage and on YouTube. A very spontaneous idea, but soon the 30+ videos of me, singing songs (originals and covers) in my living room in front of a webcam, became very popular amongst my dear fans. The overwhelming response inspired me to re-record some of the songs in a professional studio, but with the intimacy and minimalism of ‘a man with his guitar’ intact. Via a poll on my Facebook fanpage, I asked the followers to pick out their favourite songs for me to record for this project and in December 2012,  ‘The EP Series Volume 1: Acoustic Covers’ was released as a limited and numbered 10″ vinyl-album, available exclusively to fans on my website and at concerts.


Totally unexpected,  it recently came to my attention that I have been nominated for a DMA-award (Danish Music Awards) in the category ‘Årets Nytænker’  (Innovator of the year), sponsored by Spotify, with the reason: “The project is a very unique collaboration where fans are given a prominent place in the creative process”.

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As this is a ‘peoples choice’- award, I need to ask your help (again), to increase the chances of actually WINNING in this category. Go to THIS link and cast your vote.  I promise I will share the award and the honour with all of you. After all, this nomination is just as much about you, as it is about me 🙂

Thank you 🙂


Here are some of the highlights from the original ‘Low Key/Late Night-sessions’:


One comment

  1. Ger

    Great news an d congratzz!
    Yes I have voted for you.
    But is my vote valid? As I am not from Denmark?

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