LIVE!…. From my living room!

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Dear friends!

During the last couple of years, I’ve been posting my so-called ‘Low Key/Late Night’-sessions on Facebook and YouTube. Webcam-recordings of me and my guitar singing songs in my living room, exclusively for you, the fans. THIS Christmas I wanna try something new. Via the website, I am able to take the Low Key/Late Night-sessions to you, LIVE! A 30 minute long solo-concert, transmitted via my webcam from my living room to your living room! Friends and colleagues of mine (Mike Viola, Kelly Jones, Trace Bonham etc.) have been doing this with great success and I wanna try it too. Maybe I’m the first in Denmark to do it? (Not sure though)

Go to the website and check out the details. The show is Sunday 22 December at 22.00 CET (danish time). That’s 4 pm if you are in New York, 1 pm if you are in Los Angeles, 9 pm if you are in London, 6 am (on monday 23rd) if you are in Japan, etc. –  Tickets are not free, but VERY cheap 🙂


I’m imaging the show will be very low key, casual, improvised, personal and intimate. I’ve planned a few songs, but I want to interact with you too as this is LIVE, so feel free to come with your requests. Next to the live-stream window, there will be a chat-room where you can talk to the other guests and/or make comments for the show. I will be able to watch (and to answer) but I might ignore messages while I’m singing 🙂

I’m looking very much forward to this and hope you do to.




One comment

  1. Chris Lewis (Danish Rock

    Way cool TC !!
    Thanks for the “Stocking Stuffer”….
    I’m SO looking forward to this !!

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