DVD-release: The PURE McCARTNEY-tribute show

Dear friends.

It’s been a while since my last blog, but here I am – back and with great news. The one night only-tribute/birthday show for Paul McCartney last year was filmed and recorded and is now ready for release. Together with the boys in The Damn Crystals and american friends Mike Viola and Tracy Bonham we performed Paul’s RAM-album in it’s entirety and several other McCartney-classics from the post-beatles era. With an amazing crowd in front of us, this was truly a magical night. The show is being released in two different versions : DVD + CD and DVD + 2 x vinyl (and MP3 download code). The release date is February 12th 2013, but already now you can pre-order from this link. The webshop ships worldwide, but for fans in the US, you might want to wait a little longer as Mike Viola will be selling copies from his site to at US-friendly prices (since he’s in the US). The DVD is region free NTSC which means it should be playable on all dvd-players in all countries. Check out the trailer for the show. Enjoy 🙂 Tim



  1. Torben

    Thanx, Tim !!!! 🙂

  2. Siw

    Coolio! Super fed video også (:
    – Cheers!

  3. Keld Petersen

    I’m very sorry to see that there is no blu-ray release of this. Sadly, I won’t be buying it then. I’ll just have a listen on Spotify and save the money. Too bad. I was looking forward to a blu-ray, especially after Alex Nyborg Madsen mentioned it (wrongly, I suppose) on P3 monday the 11. of februar 2013. Is there a chance that this will happen later?

  4. Kick

    Tim…Jeg er så bevæget. Hvor er det bare supergodt! Lyttede meget til dette som teenager… TAK!

  5. Kia

    Tårar…jag är i tårar! Så BRA!!! Super! Tack!

  6. Niels Chr. Bie

    Hold k… hvor er det fedt! Hvis I ville kunne I blive store i udlandet bare ved at spille McCartney for det gør I fantastisk!

  7. Jeg er glad for at koncerten kommer på en DVD – den skal nydes. Jeg var indlagt på Riget lige da koncenten blev afviklet – og derfor kunne jeg ikke komme – men det var ikke planlagt. Min søster og svoger deltog istedet, og jeg blev meget bevæget, da de fortalte mig om hvor god aftenen var. Tak Tim.

  8. Lars Bo Hansen

    I promise you Macca fans this dvd/cd ist a must! You will love the concert played with big love to the music from a big fan of Mccartney; Tim Christensen. Buy it!

  9. hey tim,
    my son was born that night .. ha!
    absolutely love this; no chance to repeat it? In germany?
    I mean I’ll help 🙂 what needs to be done?

  10. tim, do you have an email contact?
    robert / mwe3.com

  11. 2LP+DVD was delivered last week. What a great show and a very good performance! (Ram is my favourie McCartney album as well)

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